Thin Blue Line Canada Removable Decal Set

Thin Blue Line Canada Removable Decal Set

Are you part of the Law Enforcement family? 

If you work in law enforcement in Canada...then this...

Removable Decal Set

is for you.  

Whether you're an officer or you are support staff...

a common issue is...

How do you identify yourself to others in Law Enforcement?

It seems everyone's has a different opinion on how it should be done.

Some don't want you to show tin or ID and some do...but with body cams this is not always best.

Some want you to identify yourself immediately.  

Others will assume you are identifying yourself to get preferential treatment...even if this is not the case.

It's awkward and confusing to say the least...

What can be said for certain is that...

"Every law enforcement officer would like to know who they are dealing with."

With this Removable Decal now have an easy way to show your support and that you are part of the law enforcement community in Canada...with no awkward conversation.


 Firefighters, Paramedics and the Military have we can have ours.


Your Removable Decal Set includes:

1 x static cling / removable - Thin Blue Line Canada Flag decal for the front window

1 x Vehicle Magnet - Thin Blue Line Canada Flag - for the back of the vehicle.



Order now.

Show your support and membership in the Thin Blue Line Family in Canada.